Salem Fabrication Supplies supports several different industries in a variety of ways. From glass and stone polishing to vision and advanced surfacing solutions, we have you covered.

Core drills, coolants, flocculants, sanding belts, edging and polishing wheels, cerium oxides, routers, lens tapes and polishes, blocking pads and other surfacing and finishing supplies are just a sample of the tooling and supplies we have at our disposal. All products have been tested and vetted by our product specialists.

No matter your industry, you can count on Salem for high quality tooling, service and support to keep you running and productive so you can GO BEYOND THE EDGE.

Salem Fabrication Supplies


Stone fabrication requires precision tooling to get the job done right. Due to the tough materials, good tool life is essential to keep production up and running. Whether it’s saw blades, drill bits or polishing pads, Salem Fabrication Supplies provides quality stone fabrication tools and supplies to give your production pieces a clean and polished look time after time.

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Salem Vision


Quality tooling and supplies are essential for making superior corrective lenses. In the ophthalmic industry, end customers can literally see the difference if lenses have defects. From our anti-slip films and edging products to our precision lapping powders and lens tapes, Salem Fabrication Supplies offers ophthalmic surfacing and finishing supplies to help produce lenses more efficiently and safely. Our expertise can help you meet the high expectations of your customers.

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Advanced Surfacing

There are many industries, manufacturing processes and end products that fall outside of the specifications for which flat glass tooling is designed. Salem Fabrication Supplies offers precision surfacing products for fabricators with much stricter tolerances for their glass, ceramic, exotic metals, electronics, laser crystals or other high-demand materials. Boron oxide. Precision-graded fused aluminum oxide abrasive powders and polishes. Diamond products, pads and coolants. We have the precision polishing materials required to handle any precision surfacing need.

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Advanced Surfacing - Solar Panels
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