Glass Fabrication Equipment, Tooling & Supplies that GO BEYOND THE EDGE

Salem Fabrication Supplies focuses on the glass manufacturing processes to lend scientific and repeatable techniques to glass processing. We are the industry leader in glass polishing and processing and stand out from the rest by our methods of selecting, inspecting, testing and developing only the best products and by having the knowledge to apply the optimal processes for these products. Our resident glass industry experts continually look for new products and processes to help our customers run efficiently and sustainably. This is our charge as an employee owned company that is driven to support our industries and our customers. You can trust Salem Fabrication Supplies to provide you with answers and solutions to even your most difficult challenges.

Glass Fabrication Tooling & Supplies

The fast pace of flat glass production can produce a lot of wear and tear on tooling. That’s why Salem focuses on providing high quality diamond tools with long life spans to meet the demands of heavy production. Our glass fabrication tooling and supplies cover every aspect of production. We offer abrasives and diamond wheels for grinding, coolants and flocculants to keep your tools cool and free of particulates, glazing supplies, and glass polishing tools such as felt wheels and cerium oxide glass polish to provide the ultimate finished look on manufactured glass. In addition, we provide premier diamond core drills and routers for more specialized applications such as shower doors. Salem also offers glass handling and storage equipment along with fabrication and transportation systems. We have a selection of carts and racks for quick and easy storage, glass vacuum lifters and hand cups by Wood’s Powr-Grip® as well as crane systems to maximize productivity, help reduce human error, simplify maintenance and repair, and protect employees and property from harm.  Visit our online shop to learn more about our entire product line.

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