Experience & Expertise to Back It Up

This philosophy expands into our line of fabrication machinery as well. Top quality machinery produces a final product that increases your production as well as your bottom line. Our machinery specialists concentrate on offering innovative concepts whether the need is for stand-alone equipment or fully automated production lines.

Whether you need an edger, beveller, CNC work center, tempering line or robotics system, our team does the research and testing it takes to provide the best recommendation for your particular production request. Not only do we offer fabrication machinery and tooling solutions, but service and support as well. Our team of dedicated technicians provides in-house technical support and in-the-field maintenance and repair to address any questions you may have about your machinery.

That expertise is paired with commitment—Salem has been an ESOP for more than 20 years and 100% employee-owned since 2005. Our employee-owners all have a stake in your success.

Be assured that no matter who you interface with, they’ll be dedicated to getting you the best products and service to make your fabrication shop successful so you can GO BEYOND THE EDGE.

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