STONE Fabrication Equipment, Tooling & Supplies that GO BEYOND THE EDGE

Stone countertops and vanity items come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with unique production lines and specifications. Having a solid set of stone tooling and polishing supplies is essential to provide customers a high-quality finished product. Our stone tooling includes bridge saw blades to quickly cut the material to the correct dimensions, grinding and shaping wheels for the detailed work, stone polishing wheels and pads to get a high-quality sheen on the finished product as well as CNC core drills and drill bits to add holes for mounts or artistic touches. When working with a wide variety of tools, tool holders are a must to keep your CNC machine organized and ready for production. We even provide tooling for shops that specialize in handcraftsmanship and rely on manual power tools, core drills, grinding wheels, router bits and polishing pads. Visit our online shop to learn more about our extensive stone tooling and supplies line. 

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