February 8, 2022

Salem Fabrication Supplies Offers Unmatched Glass Protection with Invisible Shield® Pro 15

Invisible Shield PRO 15


Salem Fabrication Supplies, a division of Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc., announces the offering of Invisible Shield® PRO 15 glass coating technology by Unelko. This product offers unmatched glass protection, durability and performance. The nano-scale glass coating represents a major breakthrough in glass coating technology. It is a proprietary formula, ultra-hydrophobic, poly-siloxane glass coating that was developed after years of research. PRO 15 is a professional-grade, high performance coating that durably seals and protects interior and exterior glass against wear, corrosion and degradation from environmental exposure. It can help you extend the aesthetic life of glass windows, partitions, balconies, balustrades, shower doors, mirrors, windshields, photovoltaic panels and more!


About Salem Fabrication Technologies Group

Salem Fabrication Technologies Group (formerly Salem Distributing Co.) is a certified 100% employee-owned company founded in 1934 with sales representatives and support staffs strategically located throughout the United States and Canada. Salem is an industry-leading supplier of fabrication equipment, materials and technical expertise for the glass industry as well as for stone, ophthalmic, precision surfacing industries and more. Building on a wealth of product and process knowledge unique to a single company, it remains on the cutting edge of innovation in the fabrication industry. Salem is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC and maintains offices and warehouses in Santa Fe Springs, CA, New Kensington, PA, Vancouver, WA and Toronto-Ontario, Canada.  Visit SalemFTG.com, call: 800.234.1982 or email: info@salemftg.com for more information.

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