Micro WCA 50B White Calcined  Alumina (20kg Carton)

Micro WCA 50B White Calcined Alumina (20kg Carton)

Item #AA491

The crystals of these precision lapping powders are flat platelets of white 99% pure calcined aluminum oxide. The platelet shape allows the grains to orient themselves parallel to the lap and the material surface ensuring uniform pressure over a relatively large area of the crystal, maximizing particle life and minimizing excessive gouging and subsurface damage. These crystals also have a porous structure due to small amounts of soda introduced into the raw ore prior to the fusion process. This yields a friable particle which is desirable in fining applications where surface finish is critical. Precision lapping powders are available with treatments to retain the particles in suspension, maximizing performance and preventing hard settling in slurries.
A high quality white calcined aluminum oxide especially designed for use in precision lapping applications where close tolerances and minimal subsurface damage are required. WCA is classified by water separation process that yields a narrow particle size band. Available with or without suspension treatment.